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Shopping in Malmö!

Hej there!

After having a wonderful day in Malmö, I figured why not write a little shopping-blog about my day! Because shopping in Malmö is the best! And because I always love blogs about shopping-hotspots, I decided to write the blog in English. Let me know if you liked the tips after reading them!

So here it is, my first blog in English! I am really sorry for the ones disliking this and again sorry for any grammatical mistakes. Many pictures included but it’s iPhone-pictures only, I forgot my camera!


If you ever plan on going to Malmö, you can find really nice spots for shopping, with ease! Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time today to walk around Malmö.  Therefor I haven’t really left the beaten track. To be honest, I don’t even know that path. I am unfamiliar with all the hidden hipster boutiques, thrift shops, restaurants or cafes in Malmö since I have only been here a few times. But despite all of this, I sure you will not be disappointed, I promise!

My lesson today started at 10.15h and after a nice train ride with beautiful views, I was fully focussed for two hours of grammar, listening exercises and speaking some Swedish. So after the lesson I was really ready for lunch! Although a Swedish lunch equals a warm meal, I didn’t feel like spending too much time sitting down in a cafe. I never know when I will get some time alone again, so I chose to be efficient!

Coffee first!

The lesson took place at the Baltzersgatan (a few minutes from the central station) and on this street you will also find Lilla Kafferosteriet. A smal, but usually very busy, cafe with very good reviews. First I got myself an amazing cappuccino and a little smörgås (sandwich) to go. I also bought some fresh roasted coffee beans to brew a really good coffee at home too. Don’t skip this little cafe for some fika, they really have the best kanelbullar (cinamon buns) I have tasted so far.

Design shopping!

After that I just walked the Södergatan. It is the big street with all the big brands, but you will also find Svenssons in this street. Wow! Shopping on another level! It is a huge department store full of the prettiest interior design for every room in the house. Afterwards I crossed Gustav Adolfs torg to walk into Södra Tullgatan. Even tough this street is quite ordinary you will find many nice boutiques or bigger stores.

One of these stores is Designtorget and is very suitable for finding some presents for family, friends or just for yourself! It offers many awesome stuff including furniture, interior items, lamps, textiles and kids toys.

Clothing, books, designs and more!

What I find amazing about Scandinavian shops is that they manage to have so much amazing stuff for everyone to like. In many stores you will find a combination of some lovely accesories, beautiful books, perfect interior design, super hipster clothing and the prettiest bags and shoes. Grandpa is the perfect example of all of the above. It is a super cool store that pursues great service, atmosphere and inspiration as their top priority and it definitely shows.

AB Småland

Really close to Grandpa you will find AB Småland, nothing but love at first sight for this shop. It’s all in the name! My absolute favourite shop in Malmö. I always feel like buying something or basically everything. They sell the pretties kids brands (Mini Rodini, Soft Gallery, Cam Cam Copenhagen and much more), awesome sustainable men and women clothing (f.e. Popupshop and People tree). Beautiful skin products, interior design and there is a huge plant collection aswel! If the Mister isn’t up for shopping he can have a cup of coffee or tea and something to eat while you explore all the amazing items the store has to offer. Shop till you drop!

After arriving at Triangeltorget I turned right, down the Davidshallsgatan, not the nicest street but I never like walking a street twice.  Luckily I did, otherwise I would have missed out on  APLACE. Again, awesome kidsclothing, interior accesories, amazing clothing brands and a really nice vibe in the shop. I know, it’s almost getting boring, right!

Some side-seeing!

Walk down this street and turn to the left to see Davidshalltorg, a nice square with some bars and restaurants. Too bad, you are allowed to park your car on the square. At the river you should turn left to take a look at the amazing City Library. Especially if you travel with kids you shouldn’t miss out on this place. The kids library is more than amazing! The library is the beginning of Kungsparken but I have to admit, I havent been in the park nor have I seen the castle. It is on the to do list for another time. For some reason I always end up shopping instead of side-seeing.

Fast-food but good!

If you are starting to get hungry but don’t feel like going to a restaurant,  Tommis Burger Joint absolutely is what you’re looking for. It has the best fast-food you’ve ever tasted. After that you turn right to pay a visit to Norrgavel. Awesome rugs, furniture and more.

Inspiration in Malmö

To me, the best interior design store is Olsson & Gerthel. So much inspiration, I want to buy it all. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. My to-buy-list is huge after visiting this shop, I’m sure yours will be too.


Cross the street into Larochegatan to visit the Form/Design centre. They have cool exhibitions and a wonderful little museumshop on the third floor. This time the exhibition presented this years region’s architectural and design schools examination projects. Featuring the School of Architecture and the School of Industrial Design at Lund University plus the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at Alnarp.

Mini Rodini

Never miss out on Mini Rodini’s shop on the Skomaregatan to buy your kids / nephew / friends kid the coolest outfit. I used to dislike the colourful and crazy prints but after Merle was born I became a real hoarder. So you are warned: it can turn into an addiction.

And yes, there is more Scandinavian design!

Our trip is almost over but not before we visit Granit (for your basics), (affordable Danish design) and a funky Finnish store called Finsk Form (some furniture, clothing and ofcourse Marimekko) on the Stortorget. Before taking the train back home, I always want to see “the sea” and take a picture of the harbour and the lighthouse. Every single time the weather has been perfect and the sky was so blue. Don’t miss out on this pretty picture.

The sequel!

Unfortunately my time was up at 16.47 when the train to Växjö left. I guess this walk takes about 3-4 km, so, not too far! Walking through an Ikea store will take you more time (they are usually 5 km, really!)!

I am already looking forward to write the sequel on this blog, because that would mean I will get to spend some more time in this amazing little big city! But first I should make some Swedish friends, because they probably know the real good stuff!






Olsson & Gerthel


AB Småland

Near the harbour

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    29 May 2017 at 18:03

    Hahaha, that sounds like a nice day 🙂 Maybe we should also pass through Malmö for some urgent shopping. Good to read that your Swedish lessons are in full effect! Sunny greetings from Utrecht (32 degrees)

    • Reply
      30 May 2017 at 11:20

      Zeker doen! Is de moeite waard!En Kopenhagen misschien nog meer! Liefs voor Elles! x

  • Reply
    30 May 2017 at 21:21

    Looking good! Dat geldt voor jou en de foto’s 🙂 Doe zo nog wat inspiratie op voor de inrichting van ons nieuwe huis haha…alle goeds daar en groeten uit Maastricht!

    • Reply
      31 May 2017 at 11:13

      Gaaf! Een nieuw huis! Super vet, gefeliciteerd! Ik zal Marij eens appen voor wat fotos! En idd hier in scandinavie is genoeg inspiratie te vinden! Liefs voor allen! x

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